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… as inclusive, holistic, and grounded in the knowledge that mind and body are

in-extricably connected. False dichotomies of normal-abnormal are replaced with models that reflect reality: humanity is a spectrum.


“There is a space between the viscera and the spirit, an ephemeral yet very real space,

where all acts of human intimacy occur.


And it is in this felt space

that gestures of tenderness, of love,

and of mercy are exchanged.


This is the space where healing happens”.


- SDW -

Re-Imagining Medicine: The Everyday Choreography of the Healer. Workshop, 2019.  Image courtesy of Duke University.

Heart Medicine


A new doctor opens his heart


...all things are possible

human heart-camilo-jimenez-OermHGSUzhI-unsplash_edited.jpg
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