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Social Dreaming is an experience in which participants share their dreams and free associate to each other’s dreams and dream imagery.  A journey into the collective unconscious, each matrix contains its own patterns and unfolds according to its own unique blueprint; no two are ever the same.  New and novel meanings emerge. The imagination is sparked. Each matrix reveals new truths.

Host facilitator(s), well-delineated boundaries, and an orientation to the dream and not the dreamer create a safe space which becomes a playspace – a landscape for the imagination to roam.  As a regular practice, the dream matrix can become a creative tool for making – art, film, dance, poetry – and for living life with more richness, depth and connection.

As a space in which shared social concerns emerge, SDM is a valuable tool for communities.  Whether in times of peace, transition or crisis, SDM invites a shift in perspective.  Matrices have helped communities struggling with pandemics, political and social upheaval, economic crises, and displacement due to migration.

The concept of Social Dreaming Matrix  was first developed by Gordon Lawrence in the 1970s for use primarily in the realm of organizational psychology.  The approach I share builds on the original model while adding a Jungian dimension.


Social Dreaming is inclusive and for everyone. 
Various matricies are arranged to meet the specific needs of individuals and communities.

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An invitation to gather together and allow dreams to provide insight and new thought around shared  community concerns.  Various social groupings, from formal venues such as classrooms and business organizations to loosely structured collectives and subcultures, may find benefit from this mode of exploration


Offered as a single event or series.

Available as a community service for refugee and other under-resourced groups.


A series of social dreaming sessions named for the four elements, Water, Fire, Earth, Air.  Each element is offered as a gathering place in the natural world, creating a sense of location for virtual matrices with participants across the globe.

The use of an element is not intended to steer the content of a matrix toward nature, nor to impact its organic evolution, and participants are not expected to bring dreams about the natural world.  

An element is invoked solely as an orienting device – to create a unifying sense of place in which geographically separated dreamers may gather. 


Sessions meet once weekly for four weeks.  Maximum of fifteen dreamers who are committed to attending all four sessions.


A dive into the collective, creative female unconscious.  This matrix aims to liberate the suppressed, repressed and oppressed wisdom and ingenuity of women and to nurture and bring forth creativity, vitality and vision.

A collaborative of artists, dancers, healers, thinkers, poets, and filmmakers among others – read more about the WSDM community here

Offered as a single event or as a series.


An embodied dream experience offered for psychedelic integration. This matrix is designed for those who have experienced micro or macro-dosing within the past 3 months. 

Offered as a single event or as a series.

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