Physician, Social Choreographer, Social Dreaming Host


A psychoanalytically-trained psychiatrist and MFA student in Dance: Embodied Interdisciplinary Praxis at Duke University, I have spent the last two decades engaged in explorations of the mind, dreams and art.  As a trained psychoanalyst I had long used dream work in the context of individual exploration, as a tool to help individuals understand their inner lives.  After making a decision to return to graduate school for an MFA with an intention to transition to more time engaged in creative practices, I discovered Social Dreaming Matrix and instantly fell in love with the practice.  I have found it personally transformative to participate, and take great pleasure in hosting for others.  

Originally from New York City, ballet and books were my passions as a child.  After earning a B.A. in English literature from Rice University, a desire to delve deeper into the human experience led to an M.D. from Baylor College of Medicine and post-graduate residency training in medicine, psychiatry and psychoanalysis at Harvard and Emory Universities. I have spent the last two decades practicing integrative medicine, psychotherapy and holistic psychiatry, with a focus on the complex mind-body connection.  

After decades helping individuals, I now find being of service to collectives and communities most meaningful.  An advocate of disability rights, inclusivity, marginalized communities and the environment, my social choreographic work is at the intersection of healing, art and social relevance.

As an artist and therapist, I find in Social Dreaming - with its ability to touch the heart, the spirit, the infinite, and humanity – a seamless conversation between the words of the poet and the words of the healer.

The Everyday
Choreography of the Healer

Re-imagining medicine as inclusive, holistic, and rooted in the knowledge that mind and body are inextricably connected. 

False dichotomies of normal-abnormal are replaced with models that reflect reality — humanity is a spectrum.

“There is a space

between the viscera and the spirit,

an ephemeral yet very real space, where all acts of human intimacy occur. 


And it is in this felt space

that gestures of tenderness, of love,

and of mercy are exchanged. 

This is the space where healing happens”.


- SDW -


Re-Imagining Medicine: The Everyday Choreography of the Healer. Workshop, 2019.  Duke University.

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